Academic Writing

  • Dibaca: 2374 Pengunjung

DIKLAT Academic writing by Denpasar Institute is designed for those who need to improve their English formal writing style and for students or academic researchers who need to write scholarly materials, e.g. scientific articles for international reputable journals.

Denpasar Institute provides different types of academic writing courses. This includes:

  • abstract writing
  • research proposal
  • annotated bibliography
  • academic journal articles
  • book report
  • conference paper
  • thesis and dissertation
  • explication
  • literary criticism
  • research paper
  • textbook

Participants will study about some common characteristics in academic writing. They are:

  • formal tone - A formal tone is always used in academic writing. It is not lighthearted or conversational in tone. Slang and clichés do not belong in this type of writing.
  • precise language - In keeping with the formal tone, it’s important to choose precise language that very clearly conveys the author’s meaning.
  • point-of-view (POV) - Academic writing is usually written in third person POV because its focus is to educate on the facts rather than to support an opinion or give advice.
  • research focus - Because most academic writing involves reporting research results; it tends to focus on the specific research question(s) being studied.
  • organization - Academic writing should be organized logically in a linear, matter-of-fact fashion. Use headings to delineate each major section.
  • source citations - Most academic writing includes at least some secondary reserach sources. Be sure to properly cite all sources and include a bibliography.

DKLAT Academic Writing by Denpasar Institute is structured as follows:

Week 1

  • Key features of academic writing
  • Developing essay ideas
  • Organizing ideas effectively

Week 2

  • Essay structure and organization
  • Choosing a title
  • Writing in an impersonal style

Week 3

  • Using academic language
  • Writing about facts and activities
  • Writing longer sentences: linking words and subordinators

DIKLAT Academic Writing will be carried out based on request from potential active participants.