Book of Professional English for Kitchen Staff

Penulis Dra. Ni Luh Putu Sri Widhiastuty, M.Hum.
Editor Dr. Drs. I Ketut Murdana, M.A.
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Kategori Buku Teks
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Ukuran 18,6 cm x 27 cm
Jumlah Halaman v + 151
Bulan & Tahun Terbit 2023
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THE BOOK OF PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH FOR KITCHEN STAFF is designed for the students who have learned English profession of food and beverage production. It is also designed for the students who have gained a haphazard and limited knowledge of English while on the job in tourism industry, especially in the kitchen.

The level of the students who use this book is Management of Business Hospitality diploma IV, Food and Beverage Production Program, Food and Beverage Management Diploma III.

The components of this book are consisting of four units. Each unit consists of three parts, they are starting you off the topic, developing the topic, and follow-up the topic.   The first part is starting you off the topic.  This part, there are some questions which students must answer based on their opinions. The questions are about the material that they will learn in each unit. The second part is developing the topic. This part, the lecturer will explain the material, and the students have to listen it and asking the questions if they do not understand about the material. The third part is follow-up the topic. This part, the students have to discuss and to do the tasks.

Unit one is dealing with KITCHEN METRIC , unit two is dealing with KITCHEN METHODS OF PREPARATION, unit three is dealing with  FOOD CLASSIFICATIONS, and unit four is dealing with THINGS IN THE KITCHEN.

The materials of this book is adapted from several English Tourism Books.

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